What are we going to do?

All participants will be empowered for basic work with Micro:bits, with particular emphasis on the possibilities of practical use of Micro:bits, for solving problems from everyday life. By doing this, we will try to reduce gender gaps in access and use of digital technologies and the study and employment of women in the field of ICT in the long run. Micro: bit is a relatively new learning tool, which is extremely useful for learning the digital competence of programming and interdisciplinary work in the field of STEM, thus allowing digital technology to be used in creative, collaborative and effective ways. Due to its design, which combines the virtual world of programming and the real world of interaction with people, it facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of STEM, which contributes to a higher quality of education and training. In order to further extend the usability of Micro:bit, we will produce several useful products, that will include elements formed in the 3D modeling environment of Google Sketchup or 2D InkScape, and later cut out, or engraved with a laser engraving machine. The products will be analyzed and upgraded through the design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to generate added value through sales on the market, thus promoting the entrepreneurial mind-set, critical thinking and creativity of all participants.