We finaly met!

On Monday, January 13, 2020, students from the elementary school Branko Radicevic from Belgrade visited us. We are participating in the European Erasmus+ proSTEMgirls project.

We could hardly wait this week. We finally met at the cottage Pesnik yesterday afternoon. It was great! We first got to know each other, played board games and agreed on how we would . Of course we didn’t go to bed before midnight.

Today we took a little stroll along the nearby slope and then headed towards the Ribnica ski resort on Pohorje. After a tiring hike and sledding, hot chocolate fit just right. This was followed by a trip to the valley and a tour of the school. Our school is very nice, they said. Then another short walk through Radlje ob Dravi and departure home.

Have a good time and see you tomorrow morning.