The main purpose of the proSTEMgirls project it is to encourage girls (women) to interdisciplinary co-operation in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics STE(A)M fields. Through the project, we want to increase the share of girls (women) in the STEM opportunities, activities and elective courses at both participating schools and wider, thus promoting gender equality. In order to achieve this goal, together with students, we will produce at least three guided learning units, that will be useful in the wider European area and globally (using STE(A)M acronym without A, because it is globally more recognizable), thus supporting the effective use of digital technologies in the field of education. All participants will be empowered for basic work with Micro:bits, with particular emphasis on the possibilities of practical use of Micro:bits, for solving problems from everyday life. By doing this, we will try to reduce gender gaps in access and use of digital technologies and the study and employment of women in the field of ICT in the long run. Micro: bit is a relatively new learning tool, which is extremely useful for learning the digital competence of programming and interdisciplinary work in the field of STEM, thus allowing digital technology to be used in creative, collaborative and effective ways. Due to its design, which combines the virtual world of programming and the real world of interaction with people, it facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of STEM, which contributes to a higher quality of education and training. In order to further extend the usability of Micro:bit, we will produce several useful products, that will include elements formed in the 3D modeling environment of Google Sketchup or 2D InkScape, and later cut out, or engraved with a laser engraving machine. The products will be analyzed and upgraded through the design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to generate added value through sales on the market, thus promoting the entrepreneurial mind-set, critical thinking and creativity of all participants. We intend to achieve our goals with a project based learning, in which we will produce more practically useful products and learning aids. We will focus on solving problems from everyday life and the design of useful solutions. In students exchange will be included twelve students aged between 10 and 14 and four teacher companions in both schools. During the implementation of activities related to the project, we intend to include at least twelve more pupils at both schools. The project will include a broader implementation team of six more teachers from Slovenia and Serbia. We selected the team according to the interest of individuals and the needs of the project, and we tried to cover as many subject areas as possible. External companies and associates who are experts in individual fields will also participate. We also want to achieve intercultural integration, language learning, contact exchange and new friendships. We will create at least three guided learning units, that include Micro:bit in combination with 3D and 2D modeling for the purpose of laser cutting or engraving. All materials will be published on the eTwinning portal under the proSTEMgirls project (ID 192164) and on the project official website We intend to continue with the project even after the end of the first year. The primary language of the project will be English. In addition to learn about other culture and language, pupils from Slovenia will also have the opportunity to learn about to them unfamiliar Cyrillic script. In the long term all the participants benefit of the development of digital competences in the field of STEM and integrating them into the digital environment of today's society. Both schools will gain new experience in managing and implementing such international partner projects. We intend to present the results of the project in local media, the eTwinning portal, school websites, the international conference Vivid 2020 and other conferences for the exchange of innovative learning practices. With the help of local television KTV Dravograd, with which we regularly work together for several years, we will create a video that will briefly present our achievements. It will be released on the channel of KTV Dravograd under the title "Sola je nora". You are invited to watch our latest video (, which describes our current experience and knowledge. With the help of the eTwinning portal, we will try to attract more schools, as our goal is to upgrade and expand the project in the future. At the moment, we already have created an eTwinning project titled proSTEMgirls (ID 192164).